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We all love paintings, don’t we? Beautiful birds flapping away their wings in the air, butterflies enjoying the nectar from the flowers, women wearing traditional outfits and weaving heavy ghagra-choli-these are examples of paintings which almost all of us have seen at some point of time in our lives and enjoyed the same. But modern art has opened the gates to all sorts of paintings in offices, homes and hospitals too! Understanding them may seem a challenge at times.
Vaastu principles go against such paintings which have furious faces, gloomy faces and faces showing aggression, revenge and irritation. Such paintings can go a long way in spoiling your relationships. Let’s discuss this further.

• Confused modern art images. A stroke of paint on the left and a stroke of paint on the right and that’s it! In order to understand the logic behind such an image, we need to personally speak to the artist himself. I am not passing any remark on the artists but all I am saying is that today when relationships are so fragile and need a lot of hard work from both the sides then in such a scenario only those paintings should occupy the space on our walls which help lighten our mood, which help
motivate us or which help strengthen the relationship.
• Painting showing two masks is quite popular. But such a painting should never be part of one’s bedroom for the reason that we become what we see. As it is the relationship of a spouse is very sensitive and on top of that if one of both the spouse develop the tendency of putting up masks then the relationship can get bitter day by day.
• Painting of frowning couples should also be avoided. These images elevate ones anger rather than helping the person cool down.
• Painting depicting any sort of polygamy is a big no-no. We have come across paintings which have four or five farmers standing in a farm and one woman or a single man standing near a well with quite a serious look on his or her face. Such paintings which show polygamy are a big no-no for the room of a spouse.
• Paintings which have war scenes with dead bodies, bullets, children crying and people dying should not be a part of your bedroom. Such paintings invoke the insecurities in a person which can be fatal for your relationship.
• Paintings with the images of hunters in a forest, looking for their prey or enjoying after shooting away animals is also not advisable. Such a painting depicts violence and such a picture can add violence in a couple’s life too.
• Modern art which involves lot of thinking can be a part of your living room. (you can allow your guest to keep guessing what the image wants to convey) but such paintings which require a great deal of your intellect as if some mystery or a puzzle which has to be solve should also be done away with the room for the reason that such paintings can work as triggers to infuriate the person if she is already tired after a long and busy day in the office.
So make sure you take such paintings off the wall of your bedroom if you are really serious about why you and your part5ner end up fighting on petty issues every now and then.

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