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salesWe all know that north-west is the direction of air. Air means a flow, a continuity, a breeze of fresh air and so on. Similarly the sales department of any organization is very crucial to the success of the enterprise. Therefore the employees of the company, if made to regularly sit in the north-west, then their ideas will have a continuity, a proper flow and a proper direction.

People of sales department require a lot of effort to convince the customers, to create new ideas which can appeal the customers and they should be flexible too. All these are the properties of air. Air is powerful, profitable and flexible!

Secondly, the sales department should have water element present. Water represents money. So indoor fountains, indoor aquariums, indoor water vessels can be placed to ensure proper supply of money which is generated by the sales department.

The sales department should ideally be painted in colours like blue and white. These are colours which represent success and life. Shades of grey should be avoided as grey is a very dull colour and can possibly create a lot of monotony in the work.

Motivating décor for the sales department and its significance:

Feng shui dolphin can work wonders for the sales department

Just with the mention of the word Dolphin, we imagine the picture of a dolphin happily playing with a colourful ball. Dolphins have always been connected with happiness, joy, liveliness and warmth. Similarly, picture of Dolphins will not only bring success but will soothe and relax the tension and heated up atmosphere of the sales department.

Science has proved that Dolphins have amazing grasping and memorizing skills, they can for see, they have excellent communication powers, they are excellent at performing elaborate tasks.

As per reports, there have been instances when dolphins have rescued people from drowning.

In Feng shui as well, Dolphins are considered very lucky and are considered to bring in lots of fortune and positive chi.

  • The intelligence of dolphins, their playfulness and cheerfulness, its built-in cute smile and sparkling eyes have been a source of motivation and happiness for people round the globe. Dolphin jumping through the water is a sign of success and change. You may place the picture or some showpiece depicting the dolphin in the jumping position for success or some sort of change.
  • Dolphins are fishlike and have hairless bodies. They are powerful and this energy helps them drive through the water. Therefore a painting or a crystal showpiece of dolphin imparts good chi.
  • Dolphins constantly keep shedding their skins, and this is the reason they do not accumulate any external parasites.

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