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indexJust with the mention of the word chess, we create a black and white image of a game which will

shake up all our nerves resting peacefully in the brain. Like other games, we purchase chess

either for ourselves or for our children and later it is found kept in your cupboard or store room.

But Vaastu reveals that chess is a very powerful mind game, played from centuries and can turn

out to be a very strong tool for your house, office, factory or business. Let’s find out how?

A perfect balance of yin and yang energies

Chess is a perfect blend of yin and yang energies. Yin is the dark, feminine energy while Yang is

the bright masculine energy. Chess has a total of 64 squares, meaning a total of 32 white blocks

and 32 black. This represents equilibrium of yin and yang energies and life is nothing but a

challenge to create a balance internally and externally.

Whenever we talk about bringing about a change in our look, in our attire, in our life, in our

house, office etc, we always speak of creating a balance of dark and light. We try not to overdo

either dark or light shade.

Therefore understanding the area where you require a balance in your life can help you take

maximum benefits of a chess board.

Who and how one can benefit out of a chess board?

The politicians who need to take each and every step with caution should ideally take advantage

of a chess board and place it in the south-west direction. The director of the company should sit

in the south-west direction. This direction represents the place for the boss of the organization.

Those involved in any sort of policy making, for instance the people related to HR should place

the chess board in the north-west direction. The reason behind doing so is that north-west is the

direction of air and people who need to take decisions needs to think like a free flowing air.

The chess should be kept either in the south or south-west direction if you are interested in

bringing harmony, good health and success at your home front.

It is important to understand that there are few relations in life where any sort of manipulations

can bring about mistrust distrust. So a chess board in the bedroom is not at all recommendable. If

you are looking for creating some sort of smart decorative corner in your bedroom by placing a

chess board there then I would not recommend you for doing so. You can use the adjoining room

for the purpose.

The chess board should ideally be placed in between two chairs kept in the opposite direction.

These days we are short of space in our house, so the chess board can be placed on the coffee

table so that the chairs are a bit higher. Even if you have kept the chess board just for ornamental

use, the principle of the game should be kept intact.

There are different kinds of chess boards available in the market. You can choose from the right

one as per your need.

The wooden chess board is good in case you are looking for growth.
The crystal or glass one is ideal for killing any sort of negative energies.
You can use the marble chess board if you want to bring some strength into
your lives.

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