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cutleryIf you have planned to present lovely cutlery set to your friend then you may re-consider your idea. Presenting or even accepting sharp object takes away harmony from the relations. Set of fancy hair brushes, shaving kits, designer knives- should all be avoided. This also includes any sort of thorny plants and flowers.

  • Sharp and edgy objects emit shar chi according to feng shui. It may bring bad luck for the person receiving it.
  • It is an indicator that the object might cut into the relation.
  • If anyone gives you any sharp object as a gift, then remember to give some coins to that person as a symbol that you have purchased the object and let the person know the reason behind doing this. This will ensure that you do not receive any such gift in the future. And anyway there’s no harm in educating someone about any good concept.
  • Any sort of thorny plants like cactus should not be presented as a gift. This laos indicates bad feng shui in the relationship.
  • While presenting a bunch of roses to someone, take notice to get all the thorns removed before getting the bouquet made. Thorns again represent cutting and piercing through the relationship.
  • You might want to gift a travelling shaving kit to your husband if he is constantly travelling. But instead of giving it as a gift just purchase it and give it to him. Reason behind this is that sharp things emit shar chi means negative energy which creates an imbalance in our life and may make us unhealthy and unhappy.
  • This also includes nail cutters, bottle openers and needle box.
  • In this connection I would like to mention that we hang scissors and knives openly in our kitchens. This should not be done. A knife holder should be purchased and knives should be placed upside down. Not only will the kitchen be much more safer place for you and your children, but this will also ensure that positive energy is not obstructed by any sharp and edgy things.

Dr Rupa Batra

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