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shivaWe have all felt His power at some point of time in our lives, though we might not have seen the almighty. But have you ever wondered why and how is it possible that since birth we have not seen the entity called ‘god’ but still we believe in Him so strongly! Arguments apart, but Shiva who is considered the creator of this universe is undoubtedly a master scientist.

What does the third eye represent?

Third eye of shiva as visible in a number of pictures is not a special eye which he has and we do not possess. It is basically the demonstration of having a third dimension. If you wish that your perceptions change in life then first and foremost you need to change your energies in your body. The yoga which is now more popularly related to just physical form of exercise is basically a system whereby energies are refined and focused in such a manner that we are able to use our third eye or the third dimension.

What does Nandi symbolize?

Nandi is a symbol of eternal waiting and continuous process of listening. We are always in a hurry to tell but never have the patience to wait and listen to what others have to say. What is an effective communication? Effective communication means when one person speaks and the other one listens. But we are always in a hurry to tell all our problems to god but we do not give even a little time to listen to what He has to say. And we complain that God does not understand any of our problems. Meditation is always confused with some activity. But it is a quality to be able to wait. Nandi signifies the ability to wait.

What does Snake symbolize?

Shiva is always shown with a snake around his throat. There is a lot of science to it. We have a total of 114 chakras in our body. Of these 114, seven of the chakras are considered important and out of these seven, the vishuddhi chakra is centered in the pit of our throat. This is where snake is wrapped as snake is nothing but poison. These two facts are interrelated.

The reason why his throat is blue is because he stops or filters any sort of poison entering his body. The poison can be also in the form of wrong thoughts and beliefs.

What does the trishul symbolize?

Shiva is shown sitting at snow capped mountains at extremely high altitude. Three rods of metal demonstrated in a ‘trishul’, help creating the overall balance in the area.




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