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mother's dayAuthor: Dr Rupa Batra, Vaastu and Feng shui mentor and balanced lifestyle expert

Tomorrow is mother’s day. Well this particular day should have been rightly named as ‘god’s day’ for the simple reason that our mother’s are no less than gods for each one of us. If we start preparing a list of all what our mothers have done for us, we might fall short of ink and paper available around us. So we must not let the opportunity go, and should try and drop in a surprise greeting card, a lovely bouquet, a small gift or even a call would from her child will fill her heart with warmth and happiness.

But just when you are about to purchase that amazing gift for your mother, let me inform about 5 usually given gifts to mothers which as per vaastu are a big No!

Designer Cutlery Set:  

The kids grow watching their moms cook delicacies for them. Moms love collecting crockery, kitchen wares and designer cutlery. But let me make it clear, that cutlery includes Knives, forks, butter knives etc which are sharp and pointed edged objects. Vaastu and feng shui both believe that sharp objects emit a very strong negative chi or negative energy. So gifting sharp objects is not a good idea. Obviously who would like to gift negative energies to the other person?

Grey outfit:

Grey is the colour of depression and monotony. According to recent reports, depression specially amongst women in India is spreading like an epidemic. Depression has even taken famous bollywood actresses into their trap. Grey is the colour of dullness, it makes the person even more dull and depressed. So however pretty a saree you have chosen, with a heavy heart try and keep it back into the shelf and choze the same pattern in another colour.

Milky plants:

Our mothers have always loved gardening. And we are always in a look for new varieties of plants to see that smile on our mother’s face. Here’s what you need to b watchful about. Try and avoid presenting milky plants like rubber plant, cactus of various varieties etc (with aloe vera as an exception).

White hand bag:    

A pure white hand bag should be avoided. White is not the colour of attraction. It is the colour of reflection. It reflects back the energies. So feng shui believes that a white hand bag means it might not attract cash. Rather try and pick a red colour hand bag.

So I am sure you would keep these small tips in mind and enjoy the Mothers Day.

Painting with a ‘single flower’ should be avoided

At times we find paintings with a single flower in various colours. They seem attractive no doubt, but they should be strictly avoided as a single flower represents loneliness in relationship. At times mothers feel that their children do not care for them enough, do not call them often and ask for their health etc. so a certain loneliness does creep in. So a strong bond like that of a mother and child should NOT at all be represented with a single flower.

Water based showpieces/mini fountains etc

Any beautiful showpiece which has to do with water should be avoided. Water creates a continuous yang (active) energy and our parents require peace and calm in their life and not unnecessary yang energy. So water related showpieces should be avoided.

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