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From top cricketers, musicians to artists and actors all are going the feng shui way to bring success into their lives

  • King khan is a totally versatile personality. We saw Shah Rukh Khan doing paanchvi pass and then we see him cheering for his team Kolkatta Knightriders in a different league after buying the team, doing ad films, getting into animation business in a big way, producing and of course acting. He has been able to do that because there is a lot of Yang in him.srk


  • Director Karan Johar believes in fengshui. ‘He has ensured that everything on the sets of his movies as well as TV show Koffee with Karan is placed according to feng shui principles.


  • Former England batsman Geoffrey Boycott used the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui to fight against his throat cancer. Boycott was diagnosed with the cancer in 2002 when the doctors told him that there was a lump in his neck back and that he had only three months to live. Feng Shui is a Chinese system that apparently harmonises people with the surrounding environment. The science of Feng Shui included installing a water feature in the kitchen, direction he should face when sleeping and keeping a light on all day in the area designated as ‘healthy’ in Boycott’s home.
  • Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai is a big fengshui follower. The 34-year-old star made her spouse carry fengshui coins in his wallet for good luck on the Unforgettable concert world tour. She had also reportedly redecorated Abhishek’s make-up trailer along fengshui lines, putting in necessary good-luck accessories to boost his box-office fortunes.
  • Lady Gaga moves the chi. She is constantly in motion, energizing her look, her performances and her style. Too often we let ourselves fall into ruts in work, in our health or looks and in our lives. Feng shui likes fast work and works quickly when you do. Break up your ruts and start moving your chi in all areas of your life. She also knows the power of color. When Lady Gaga is in the news you never know what she’ll look like. There is no variation on a theme with her. She creates a mold and then obliterates it, going from shocking green or yellow hair to bright red lips. Whether she’s wearing meat or a dress made of bubbles, the singular color of the accent color is prominent. A single color has intense focus. Try wearing clothes one day that are completely blue or orange and see how it affects your outlook and your luck. Feeling really wild? Put a brightly colored strand in your hair and see how you feel.


Dr Rupa Batra

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