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stained glassAuthor Dr Rupa Batra

Stained glass paintings take you to a different world altogether. Don’t they? They make you remember of palatial buildings, gothic style churches and spiritualism. The Vaastu at that period of time be it in India or rest of the world was very specific with not much of variations. This is the reason why it left so much of an impact and recall value. Actually the exact date when the stained glass art work became popular is not exactly known but yes the work gained momentum somewhere around the Middle Ages.

koi fish

Why is it that we need to beautify our house? According to the principle of Vaastu, it is so because it is the place where we spend major portion of our time and the curtains, bed sheets, wall hangings, show-pieces or say the paintings make us feel cozy and loved in that atmosphere.
Today, relationships are even more fragile than a glass. Vaastu comes as rescue for people who are experiencing some problem in their relationship. The Koi fish is considered extremely lucky in that sense. It is believed that if the images of Koi fish are used in the house, then the shar (negative) energies are automatically absorbed from the house.

How can Koi painting strengthen my relationship?
According to ancient Chinese folklore, there was a considerably big school of Golden Koi fish which was swimming a heavy and sturdy upstream the famous Chinese Yellow River. While the school was making its way up the stream, its beautiful golden skin glittered in the river. It was when the school of exquisite golden Koi reached to the end of waterfall that a number of koi fishes moved back, allowing the flow of river to take them away.

Amazingly, the left over koi decided not to give up and made gigantic efforts against the stream to move up the waterfall. They tried again and again and again. But to no avail! A group of demons was discreetly watching the continuous efforts made by the school of fish and in order to discourage them, they increased the height of the waterfall. It is believed that the Koi fish kept trying for a total 100 years, and finally one of them one of them made it to the top of that waterfall. Gods blessed the Koi for its perseverance and with magical powers of Gods it turned into a magical golden dragon which had amazing abilities and strength.

Is stained glass lucky?
Glass has been given a special place in vaastu. It has immense capabilities of multiplying the energies and then sending them back in the environment. The beautiful shades of yellow, green, blue, and pink mix in the environment, a sense of joy and a sense of purpose a meaning and a reason to smile back when things are not our way.

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