Talk on Vaastu by Dr. Rupa Batra

Vaastu Awareness workshop

Respected Sir/Madam,

I take this opportunity to introduce Dr. Rupa Batra Vaastu, Feng-Shui & Pyra Vaastu Consultant, who has delivered lectures on Vaastu, Pyramidology and Feng-Shui in many reputed Clubs,Associations,  schools/Colleges & Corporate Sectors to spread awarenerss about the subject to benefit the society.

She is an expert in her field and has earned large clientle in USA, Switzerland, Germany, South Africa,UAE, HongKong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Nepal & Sri Lanka.

Vaastu Mandir Sewa Trust offers you a Free Vaastu Awareness Workshop to harmonise the flow of energy in your house &your work area so as to bring peace and prosperity into your lives.

Workshop can be arranged as per convenience.

Sincerely yours

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Topics to be covered during the workshop

  1. Vaastu- A brief Introduction.
  2. Scientific base of Vaastu.
  3. Relation between Vaastu & Astrology.
  4. Is Vaastu applicable without disturbing the present structure/demolition?
  5. Can Vaastu help your children in their studies?
  6. Can Vaastu help you in getting relief from mental tension & stress?
  7. Is Vaastu applicable for flats/plots, shops/Factory?
  8. Can Vaastu bring happiness & harmony in family relations?
  9. Can any sick Industry/Unit be revived by Vaastu?
  10.  Can Vaastu be helpful in General problems like Delay in marriage, debt, illness, divorce etc.
  11.  What is Feng-Shui & Pyramidology? What are their advantages in Human life?