Testimonials & Reviews / Vaastu Talk by Dr Rupa Batra Vastu expert....at Rotary club of Mumbai Green City....

Hi Dr. Rupa Batra

It was truly a members’ delight to participate in club meeting on 10th oct and witness your presentation ,reflecting your expertise in the field of  vastu,fengshui and pyramidology.

We are heartily thankful to you for your wonderful and unforgettable talk on this ancient occult science.

You began with the fundamental concept of key elements of universe water ,air ,fire, space,earth and explained how harmonising these elements with the placement , arrangement and orientation of our house and house hold items synergies the  environment bringing peace, health,wealth and happiness to our life.

You  spoke vivaciously with  perfection and authority on the subject and answered all sorts of questions from the audience without the blink of eye to their complete satisfaction.

Your  impeccable presentation of the highly technical  subject was interspersed with humour, capturing the audience gleefully spell bound and everyone wanted the session  to go on and on endlessly.

Being true to yourself, you  candidly  dispelled the myth that only proper vastu compliance can bring prosperity to your life but it plays only 20% role and the major 50% factor is your Karma and balance 30% your destiny.

It was really a great evening well spent to listen to a wonderful world renown speaker like you which will be fondly remembered by our members   as one of the best we ever experienced before.
Attached here with are some of the photographs of the event for your archive which we are sure, must be already full of innumerable accolades from all over the world.

Thanks and Regards.

Rtn. S. Bhalla

Hon. Secretary

RC of Mumbai Green City, Mumbai