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andamanAuthor-Dr Rupa Batra
It is only energy exchange which makes or breaks relationships. Vaastu discusses that energy of the objects can be used to improve relationships to a great extent. Colours, shapes, texture of the objects play a major role in enhancing a person’s mood or even bringing down one’s spirits.

Tulsi plant is a must
Tulsi is popularly known as holy Basil. Tulsi is not just beneficial for health reasons but it also absorbs shar (negative and depressing) enery gives which are emitted due to stress and anxiety levels.

Puja ghar must not be cluttered
Quite often we make the mistake of bringing in as many idols as we can depending on belief systems we develop from time to time. But as a vaastu expert I would like to share that puja ghar must have fewer or very less idols so that a person’s concentration is not deviated. Usually a cluttered puja ghar oes not enable a person to reduce the quantity and quality of thoughts-which are the prime source that enables a person to feel distressed.

Wedding photograph must be in the bedroom
The old Chinese proverb that a picture speaks a thousand words-holds true till date. The wedding moments are special for everyone and close to heart. They bring back memories of happiness, togetherness, deep trust and romance. It is quite easy to work out. Just take a wedding picture, get it in the required size and either hang it or just place it in the room in a manner that you are able to get a clear view of the picture.

Modern art paintings of violence, poverty, grief must be removed from the house
High cost of living, peer pressure etc has made the people short tempered and aggressive. You can well imagine that if a person enters the house and gets to see paintings of violence then that can aggravate the situation even more.

Dark shades of bed sheets must not be used
If you experience that the house or the bedroom has gradually turned into a battle ground then a great vaastu tip is to work on the colour of the bed sheets. Use bed sheets which are white in shade with nice light shade prints like flowers, circles, heart shaped designs made. Very sharp images an objects must not be used.

Cactus plants must not be placed in the house
Cactus plants look really sophisticated and people consider placing them in their rooms to increase the face value of the room. But vaastu disapproves milky plants like cactus or rubber plant. It is believed that their plants emit shar or negative energy.

Washroom door must not open towards bedroom
Now this is very important. In no case should the bed be placed right in front of the bed of the couple. Energy generated by the washroom is not positive. If possible try a glass door or a thick curtain if possible as a vaastu correction.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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