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god2Often we get calendars and post cards with pictures of gods and goddesses made on them. At times we either store them or sometimes you may find them scattered all around the house. But this is not a good sign and is an indicator of bad vaastu in the house.

Any sort of religious material, which is either not in use or we do not require any more. Instance the earthen diyas which we use in diwali-should all be properly collected and taken care of. When we offer prayers to god, a certain part of our good energy is transferred to that particular object. Which is kept carelessly and thrown away with neglect will in turn mean negligence of your prayers.

What to do with images/statues of our deities which are no more in use

  • Preserve the torn pictures of deities in a carton
  • If you have a garden then you can get a certain space dug and you may place the earthen objects and idols.
  • The flowers that we offer on a daily basis should be collected in a neat carton/box and can be dug inside the space you have made your garden.
  • In case you do not have a garden, get yourself an earthen pot and fill it half with mud and then fill it with the dried flowers.
  • The religious books and scriptures which you do not require anymore should be donated to some temple or any religious place nearby.
  • You may even consider giving up all such religious stuff to the fire. Ideally you may use the hawan kund and set up all the torn and tattered pictures of your religious deities and other such objects on fire, saying that you benefitted a lot from these books and now you wish to let them mingle with nature rather than seeing them getting spoiled and neglected.

In this connection, the deities should be ideally first set free from dust and those which are made of metal should be first washed and even their clothes should be washed often. Dust laden deities kept in the house is not at all a good vaasu. Since this is the place where you sit/stand and meditate even for a few minutes and dust can restrict free flow of positive energy in that area.

Dr Rupa Batra

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