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rathToday is a big day in India what with people across the length and breadth of the nation are all set to celebrate two major festivals-Jagannath Rath Yatra and Eid both of which are on the same day! Although gender inequality is prevalent all over the world but in India we have spent our childhood witnessing inequality in even slightest of things like offering prayers to the Almighty where females are not allowed to enter the temples on certain days. In certain temples they are not allowed to enter and offer prayers. While reasons behind the logic can be manifold but the fact remains the same that when father, brother and sons are allowed to enter and the  wives, mothers and daughters stand outside the temple waiting for the other party to return.

But today we are witnessing an altogether new India which has thrown the rotten and decayed old dogmas into bin and is ready to march with a fresh breeze of confidence. A perfect example is that of a Women’s Non-Profit organization Durga Mahila Mandal of Kanpur which organizes, arranges and carries out a spectacular Jaganntah rath yatra all by themselves! No doubt the devotes are men and women of all age groups who pull the chariot but it is a group of just handful of ladies who plan and execute the entire show. This is what we call a perfect example of positive feng shui where one is just not ready to give in to excuses and problems.

Tale behind the Rath Yatra

Durga Mahila Mandal was founded seven years back by Mrs Usha Sabharwal, Shalini Duggal, Poonam Kapoor and Urja Mehrotra in order to give free training to underprivileged women of the society. Each of the four women took time out from their schedule and decided to teach whatever art they knew like stitching, mehandi, flower making, singing and dancing to these deprived women free of cost of the Lal Bangla area of Kanpur. But the only problem they faced was that of the proper area where they could help these underprivileged women. It was then that Mrs Usha took the courage and spoke to the pujariji of the the Durga Mandir in their society to give them the verandah of the temple for just two hours so that these women can help the others in the society.

One day Ushaji asked the pujariji of the temple the story and significance of Jagannath rath Yatra and also asked why this particular temple was unable to carry out such a yatra. Pujariji informed her that it was because of lack of funds that they are unable to take out this yatra. But all the four women felt that they should do something for this temple in return of the free space provided by the temple authorities. All these four women pooled in resources of their own, got the rath built and decided to carry out the rath yatra along with the other people of the society.

Feng shui of one step

Today it is the seventh year and the yatra has gone bigger and better. Not just the area but the entire city is proud of this women’s group who has the courage to take out this difficult yatra all by themselves! It takes just one step of courage and rest everything else follows. This is what we all need to do. We need to take at least one single step by ourselves and the rest everything else will follow.

Now this is what I call pushing away the negative and ushering in the real positive flow of energy in your lives.

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