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Pink_PeoniesWEBAuthor: Dr Rupa Batra

Vaastu shastra and colours have a very deep connection. These days self pity and hopelessness is engulfing us in such a fast pace that we do not even come to know when we are trapped in to vibrations of gult, remorse an unhappiness.
Placing pink flowers in kitchen, using pink curtains in bedroom can help keep the energies of room positive and your mood lively.
Pink is the colour of happiness

Pink is always connected with joy, with the sense of happiness, with hope, positivity and cheerfulness! Pink acts as a balance between dullness and hyperactivity. In many nations Pink props are used to motivate sports persons/artists and other performers as it is considered a colour which adds optimism in people.

Try placing paintings of peony flowers in pink shade in the entrance of your house.
As per vaastu shastra, entrance of your house is the place form where you move around a number of times. Vaastu suggests you place beautiful paintings of butterflies or peonies in pink shade on the walls leading to the entrance of your house.
Not only this, visitors bring with them all sort of energies. Highlighting your entrance with pink shade will help throw away all waste and negative energy from the environment.

Pink is the shade of romance
Fifty percent of the time, we fall prey to depression because of our marital issues. Usually we do not give it a second thought but the colour of walls is white, curtains are dark brown or blue an there is almost no colour coordination in the room. Vaastu believes that our environment has a very big role to play in the way we think and behave. Changing upholstery of your bedroom to pink can not only bring back romance in your life but will also throw away depression in garbage bags.

Pink is the colour of healing
The shade Pink has such immense power to add positivity that this attribute has made it choicest colour to be used in hospitals and in medical fields too. You must have noticed that pink ribbon is used worldwide as the symbol of new hopes and positivity to fight back breast cancer.
Pink is use in many spas, parlours and cosmetic industry to make women feel youthful, refreshed and lively.

Medical experts believe that bright pink increases a person’s confidence level and in many countries pink is used in prison cells to reduce anxiousness and erratic behavior amongst prisoners.

Pink is a women’s favorite too
According to a report a women’s most favorite flowers are pink blossoms. You just cannot miss the smile on her lips and the spark in her eyes when you offer her a bunch of pink blossoms. Vaastu is all about how a human behaves when he or she is surrounded by a particular type of atmosphere or how colours, shapes and sizes of objects create an impact on the moods of people.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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