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carVaastu is literally translated as vaas and tu. Vaas means where we live ad tu obviously means you meaning creating coherence with the place where we live and our lives. It is true that a comfortable and luxurious house gives us comfort but if the house has been constructed or designed in such a way that a lot of natural resources are either wasted or not fully utilized then you are not just wasting the precious resources of the earth but it is actually YOU who is at the real loss. Let’s find out how?

Just answer these questions

You have created windows in the house but purchased designer curtains to beautify them. You never ever care to open the window which means you do not allow fresh air to enter your house. You do not allow sunlight to enter which means switching on more and more bulbs and tube lights resulting into higher electricity bills and greater heat in the house. So is it not much easier and simple to draw the curtains and allow fresh breeze to enter and to allow sunlight to enter into the house in order to detoxify the house?

So how can your house be very healthy when it is not in keeping with the norms of the nature?

What is sustainable living?

Sustainable living is a concept which talks about creating an overall environment around the globe convincing people to utilize the natural resources and personal resources in such a manner that the wastage is minimal.

The main thrust is on transformation of the energy consumption in such a manner that the carbon emission is avoided to the best extent possible. Car pool in, using CFLs, utilizing washrooms with minimal use of water etc these are the few examples of conservation of natural resources.

Volunteers of sustainable living aim to create such an approach in life that they are in coherence with nature and respecting natural ecology and cycles.

Who coined this term and when was it developed?

A world renowned environmentalist, Lester R. Brown, founder of the popular Worldwatch Institute and Earth Policy Institute, coined the term sustainable living in the twenty-first century. His basic idea of sustainable living revolved around shifting from more energy consuming means to a renewable energy–based, recyclable transport system.

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