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petsThe moment you enter your house after a stressed day at work, and you see your pet dog running to greet you at the door, you feel comforted and loved. Our pets make us feel important, they love and care for us, just like our family members. This is the reason why dogs have been considered a man’s best friend. But cats, birds, rabbits, cows etc are also equally good pets but do you know that vaastu works in order to achieve a balance between our lives and nature so according to vaastu keeping animals in cages is not advised at all.

Here in this article we clear your doubts about your favorite pets and their care as per vaastu:

  • As per vaastu cat should be avoided as it is not a faithful animal if we purely go by its qualities. However hard you try to good to be the cat, it is deceitful and cunning. Therefore it can bring along negativity in the house.
  • As far as dogs are concerned, they can be tamed and kept as a pet. But they require a lot of care and maintenance. They should be provided a proper kennel in the north direction. When taken out for a walk, they might bring in mud and dust so a towel should be used and its foot should be cleaned before making it enter the house. Preferably the entrance of the house and that of the dog’s kennel should be different. Care should be taken that the pet should be shown to the vet often to keep it healthy. Care should be taken that its hair do not keep falling and dropping around in the house. Another important point is that often we need to go out for vacations. At that time if it is not possible to carry the pet along, the pet should be handed over to some pet day care or to some friend or relative. Dogs attach themselves emotionally and it is seen that they even skip meals if their owner goes out for a few days! So leaving your pet unattended and crying can create a lot of negative vibrations in the house.
  • Keeping a cow, buffalo or a goat is not only useful but also has a number of vaastu related benefits. In case you are undergoing some major crisis in life, then it is recommended to keep a cow and its calf in that particular area where the problem is maximum. Cow is one such animal which is harmless and non aggressive. Even our scriptures mention about the cow as a sacred animal. Not just the milk, but even the cow dung and cow urine are used for fuel and medicines respectively, which makes cow a very productive animal. The disposal of the waste should be in the northwest direction.
  • Pets should preferably be kept in north, northwest and east direction. South east and south west directions should be avoided as they can make them restless and unhealthy.
  • It should be seen that pigeons should not make a nest in your home. It is not considered good. Pigeons can be fed water an seeds in earthen ware and not steel or aluminum vessels.
  • Many people are fond of keeping fishes as pets in an aquarium. It should be seen that the aquarium should be kept in the north east direction. This will not only keep the fish healthy and increase its life but will also bring prosperity in the house and keep the health of the family members good.

Dr Rupa Batra

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