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factoryAt times we see that well established factories and business units come to an end all of a sudden. Not just capital but lot of trust and hope of the businessman is at stake when he/she invests in a certain business.  A genuine investor leaves no stone unturned into checking the areas which might be creating hurdles in achieving the required targets. But a very crucial aspect remains unexplored which can be one of the biggest factor behind the downfall of any business. The vaastu of that building or factory can be the culprit. So in order to revive your sick unit, consulting a vaastu expert is one of the most essential requirements before losing your precious staff or the management.

Let us consider the reasons and solutions to revive the sick units

  • A sick unit might have been constructed in such a way where positive and life giving sides of plot i.e. East and North are being blocked. These sides should not be blocked according to vaastu.
  • At times excess raw material or finished product is placed in factory premises that come in Eastern or Northern side. Dumping heavy material in East and North can be the main reason for sudden trouble in factory. It should be immediately removed from there. Thus it is important to clear East and North passages of factory so as to keep the flow of positive energies intact and keeping things in order.
  • Blocked East and North ways lead to delayed payment, production schedule or rejection of material etc. Blockage of East or North is greatest Vastu dosha in factory which must be suspected.
  • The ready stock should be placed in the north-west part of the factory. If your stock is lying in the wrong part then you need to consult a vaastu expert for a remedy.
  • It should be checked whether the entrance of the sick unit is in the East direction or not. And main gate should be huge with two shutters.
  • The toilet area should also be checked. Toilets must be constructed in the South-east or North-west portion while septic tank must be build in North-west/North or South-east/South.
  • Raw material or stacks must be dumped in South-west corner.
  • Parking of heavy vehicles like truck, tractors, trolleys or cranes should be on the roads outside, or if the vehicles need to be placed inside, they should be in the south-west direction.
  • Water plays a major role in creating good or bad chi or energy. So it should be checked in a sick unit whether a boring has been made in the north or north east direction. If not, then a vaastu expert should be brought into the picture and his or her advice should be taken for an immediate remedy.


Dr Rupa Batra

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