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While falling in love happens easily and in a heartbeat, staying true to your love and happy together for a long time is not that easy for some of us. Life’s a tricky road and you never know what it may bring your way tomorrow. There are couples who do exceptionally well and set an example for others with the camaraderie they share. But what is it that separates these happy couples from the ones that don’t seem to be doing so well? What if cosmic forces are indeed behind the problems that you face as a couple? By following some basic principles of Vaastu Shastra, you can definitely experience the difference this amazing science makes to your life. Ancient practitioners of Vaastu Shastra strongly believed in balancing female and male energy in order to create positive energy in the household. How about we go through some of these suggestions and see how you can ensure your relationships remain healthy and happy in the long term?


As per Vaastu, the couple that owns the house must occupy the south-west bedroom. This portion of the house represents authority and when you two remain in control of your lives and all aspects of your future, you work well as a couple and are able to see through all challenges without losing hope. You inspire each other to do well individually and as a couple. When you face difficulties together, a sense of belonging develops and your trust in each other grows. Another important point to note in this regard is that while sleeping your head must be towards the south.


Crystals are known for balancing energy and restoring harmony in the home environment. Rose quartz crystals kept in the house will allow good energy to circulate easily and spread cheer in and around you. It will attract light and will brighten up your home. Quarrels will reduce and an atmosphere of peace will prevail.


Light purple is a good shade for the master bedroom, as this is a colour that is associated with trust and harmony. No relationship can stand the test of time, if trust is missing between the couple. It is essential to have faith and believe in your partner. Avoid going for dark colours or painting the room in bright shades, as this may not bode well for your love life or relationships in general.


Declutter as much as you can and keep things neat. Every corner of the house should be scrubbed clean and it should smell nice too! The more relaxing your home seems, the better your chances of leading a peaceful and harmonious married life. Blockages of any kind, which obstruct your movement from one room to another, will cause stress and difficulties in your relationship. The objects tend to give out negative energy when they are improperly placed. Planning and rearranging can help fix matters and improve your love life to a great extent.


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Dr Rupa Batra

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