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Lohri-800x600-=1Come January and the smoky feeling of lohri and the sound of drums and dhols start ringing in our ears. Lohri is celebrated across North India specially in Punjab by the farmers as a celebration of a good harvest.

There are times when due to scanty rainfall or heavy fog, the crops are destroyed but at times, farmers are unaware about the vaastu defects of the plot they are working on which they are putting in so much of labour.

So today I would like to discuss the details which can be taken care of in the beginning by the farmers and people related with agriculture.

• The plot to be cultivated should not be irregular in shape. It should be a proper square or a rectangle. Necessary changes should be done by either building a small mud wall or by removing a mud wall.

• A proper nav grah puja is recommended for agricultural farms, apart from the bhoomi pujan.

• The agricultural field should not slope towards west or south. First of all, it is important that the land be leveled. But if it is not leveled, then the slope should be towards east or the north.

• Tall tress can be planted on the west and south as they will prove beneficial.

• Cactus or other such plants should not be planted in the east or north of the plot

• The sowing of seeds should start from the east and move towards west as this area receives maximum sunlight.

• The outlet of water from the farm should be from south to north.

• Working on the fields should be avoided after sunset.

• Also animals should not be put to work after sun set.

Dr Rupa Batra

So, what do you think ?

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