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As its comes out vaastu for gardens is actually the most neglected area. We give lot of time and attention towards vaatsu of bedroom, drawing area and kitchen but we almost neglect the vaastu of garden. A vibrant and vaastu effective garden sends out refreshing energy in the house.
Let’s take up vaastu of garden in two segments. One we will discuss the right vaastu directions and second we will take up vaastu do’s and don’ts.
Ideal vaastu direction for garden
If you are getting the house constructed then plan a garden in north direction. This is best vaastu area for planting shrubs and herbs as this is the direction of Air and Water. This direction attracts the best vibrations of these elements and passes it on to the plants we place.

Why do we require a good vaastu for garden
Today all of us are short of time as most of us are working. This situation does not give us the luxury to take good care of the plants and garden. Here is the advantage of attracting good vibrations from the nature and will help you naturally take care of the plants.
Avoid plants of cactus family

Vaastu disapproves plants of cactus family like aloe vera, pin cushion cactus, Red cap cactus, fairy castle cactus, cactus zebra, hedge cactus etc which are most popular as indoor plants but they must be avoided when you are entering into a new house or apartment. We conduct greh pravesh before entering the house in order to settle the negative energy which is left by the previous residents. So these plants must be avoided when we are trying to make sure that only positive energy enters the house.

Swings help attract good health/helps avoid accidents
If possible you can get a cane swing or even a plastic one placed in the garden. Swing helps a person release all blocked emotions and feel relaxed. These energy work both ways. Energy of happiness and joy generated by swing increases life of the plants and the greenery helps the person stay connected with nature.

Place water bodies like fountains to increase financial gains in business
Placing water bodies in the garden increase the liquidity of funds in house and in the business. Make sure that water is replaced and does not remain stagnant. If water is stagnant then it can attract all sort of insects, flies and dirt. So water must be replaced daily or on an alternate basis.
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Use the magical chi energy of wind chimes
A very effective means of keeping our garden area healthy and refreshing is using wind chimes. Music is a great healing remedy not just for human beings but for plants and animals too. Even they enjoy music and studies report that plant life is greatly influenced by music.

tulsi 2Tulsi plant is a must
Whenever you are planning a garden then make sure you place a Tulsi plant in North. Tulsi also known as Holy Basil has the power to keep the area free from any negativity.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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