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Marriage means entering an altogether new world. Not just the people and the house are new for you, but you need to make a mental shift too. Proper vaastu can help the newlywed couple cope up with the challenges of married life.

South-west best suited for positioning bed
While planning the bedroom for newly wed couple you can use the energy generated by south, west or south west direction. These directions are most suited for love and romance. It is advisable that you shift the bedroom of the newly wed couple to this direction and avoid directions like north-east.


Use East wall for putting up your wedding pictures
East is the direction of water and fire. It is an ideal direction for putting pictures of your wedding. Wedding pictures are very auspicious and they keep reminding the couple of the bond they once shared and the understating they can develop again in life.

Avoid very dark colours
Avoid using very dark shades like black, grey, dark brown, dark magenta etc for the room. These colours can increase irritability among the couple and can give way to unnecessary fights. Instead use lighter shades like cream, baby pink, light blue, white etc can be used.
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Keep electronic items away
Make an arrangement for placing electronic items like chargers, mobile phones, laptops, desk tops etc out of the bedroom. The electromagnetic waves in the room can even impact fertility of the couple. Additionally, if the laptops are placed in the room then the couple can always get back to work at odd hours creating unnecessary discomfort for your partner.

Place your head towards South
South is the direction of Earth. This is an ideal direction for placing your head while sleeping. A good night’s sleep is essential for the newly-wed bride as she is new to the system and is obviously trying to manage with the new set of roles and responsibilities. Reposition the bed in such a way that the head is facing towards south while sleeping.

Do not select wrought iron bed
Now-a-days fancy beds are doing rounds in the furniture market. But when it comes to bed for wedding purpose, always go in for a wooden bed. As per vaastu, wood is associated with longevity and good health. Other metals like steel and wrought iron bring out vibrations of resentment, sorrow and guilt.

Do away with paintings of grief and sorrow
If you have paintings depicting pain and sorrow like the paintings of the battle field with children crying, men and women lying dead on the floor then it is better you take away these paintings. Also, make sure paintings of deities must not be placed in bedroom.

Washroom door must remain closed
Energy generated by washrooms is not positive at all. If the latch of washroom door is broken then it must be repaired. If washroom door is always kept open then it can result in constant fights and misunderstandings between the couple. If possible get a plastic curtain for the washroom door.


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