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pyramidAuthor Dr Rupa Batra

Of late corporate houses, media houses, software companies and even households have started using pyramids. But what exactly is a vaastu pyramid? Vaastu as the name suggests is all about shapes, sizes and their impact on the atmosphere.

The triangular shape of a pyramid helps absorb negative energy from the atmosphere and keep shar (negative) energy away. A pyramid is also used to increase the energy flow of any area.

• First of all keeping a pyramid helps keep the atmosphere of the house healthy. Family members fall sick less often and shar energy which can make a person ill or weak again and again.
• A pyramid if kept in child’s study room helps the child to concentrate. The powerful rays of a pyramid help the child to keep waste thoughts away while studying.
• The pyramid should be kept in areas which have heavy electric/electronic items like generators, refrigerators, washing machines kept which generate high electronic items.
• Pyramids if kept near the stairs help maintain the balance of the house.
• Pyramids are very effective when we need to quit a certain habit. Change is something which requires a lot of effort, positivity and complete trust on oneself. Place the pyramid in the corner of the room where you spend maximum time. Make sure that the pyramid does not get dirty. Pyramid should be cleaned regularly because dust particles obstruct the positive flow of energy.
• Place the vaastu pyramid in the reception area of your office or factory. It will help improve the communication with your possible clients.
• Pyramid is effectively used to increase sales too. Keeping the vaastu pyramid in the room where stocks are kept. You can also place it in the office of the sales department. The energy of vaastu pyramid helps the employees to stay positive and focused.
• The pyramid will help the employees of all the departments to maintain a balance with people of other departments. For the purpose pyramid should be placed somewhere in the centre of the office.
• Vaastu pyramid if well placed in a garden, will help in the growth of plants. The pyramid should be placed near fruit or flower bearing plants.
• Vaastu pyramid should be placed in the balcony to absorb negative energies coming from the streets. If marital discord has to be managed then it should be placed in the entrance of the house in such a manner that it is not visible. Possibly behind a flower pot. At times the entrance is the place which has lots of mixed energies trapped around the main door. In a single day, people from different walks of like a milkman, washerwoman, newspaper hawker, grocery salesman enter our house and bring with them a mixed bag of emotions and impart that energy at our doorstep.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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