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Vaastu undoubtedly adds a fourth dimension to our life. It explores the science behind how energy of different materials helps keep the five elements of a human body in balance. Today there are Car-Parking-Portico

more cars on road than we have the parking space! The traffic chaos, work pressure and time constraint has made it utmost necessary to choose the shade of your car which helps keep you stable and balanced. Vaastu decodes colour of car for different professions.

Go for Red if you are in Sales; boosts confidence and sales
Red is the colour of passion, of high energy and of optimism. It is the shade for those who are otherwise quite introvert, shy and hesitate to take a lead in life. Red colour will give you the confidence you require while meeting your client. Chances of theft are also very less as this colour is bright enough for CCTVs to capture it. Always try and park your car towards right side of the parking.

White is the shade for bureaucrats
Bureaucrats need to look somber, dedicated and professional. Colours like rust, orange, red, maroon etc might give a wrong impression. White is also the shade of peace and of piousness. A bureaucrat needs both a peaceful and clean approach towards delivering his duties.

Blue is the shade for those in creative jobs:
I would suggest a Blue car for a Radio Jockey, someone who owns a boutique, a bakery woner etc. Blue shade helps keep a person’s creative juices flowing. Blue is also the shade of hope, of happiness and of longevity. Blue being the colour of water element, maintains freshness and newness in work.

Black is a sure shot shade for businessmen: Black is the colour of power, of desire and commitment towards achieving goals. You certainly will make a lasting impression on your prospective clients, business partners and third parties. Black is also the shade which suits journalists. The authority, command and balance which a journalist requires is imparted to the person by this shade.

Metallic shades best for women drivers: Metallic shades like metallic silver, metallic grey, etc have all that you require. Metallic shade not just looks jazzy, helps keep a person’s aggression under control and is the shade for positivity. Metallic shades also help keep a person stay focused.

Vaastu tips for parking
• Try and park your car to the East or in the North direction. North-east is one of the best directions if you get a space to park your car there.
• South-west direction must be avoided as South is the direction of fire and you can incur losses if parked in that area.
• Try and park your car facing the main gate. Car parked facing the office entrance will mean never ending targets and work pressure.
• Car must not be parked under a beam
• Car must ideally not be parked facing a temple, church, religious place etc


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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