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pearlsVaastu suggests pearl for improving relationships

Author Dr Rupa Batra:

Pearl is one stone which was always connected with royalty and purity from the time of Rajas and maharajas. But of late, the artificial cultivation of pearls and plastic pearls have really raised question on the fact that do we have the artificial or the real pearl?
It is believed that stones are powerful enough to impact one’s life. Pearl is connected to moon and is believed to have very cool effects. Pearl is available in oval, flat and round shapes and the pure ones are usually found in white or off white shades and are known as white south sea, white freshwater pearls and white Akoya.

How to tell if my pearl is original or artificial?

Texture: Since each pearl has been made by nature itself, the feel and texture of each pearl is different from one another. Be it a necklace or a bracelet, you can feel each pearl and tell for yourself whether it is real or not.

Shape and colour: The artificial pearls will all be same in shape and exactly the same in colour. But the real ones will be all slightly different to each other.

Sound of the pearls: You can also check the authenticity of the pearls but making out the sound they create. The real pearls will sound very soft and mild whereas the fake or the artificial ones will make a hollow kind of a sound.

Pearls help strengthen relationships: As I already mentioned that pearls have a very cool and soothing impact, pearl is very beneficial if you are experiencing any sort of heat or negativity in the relationship. Pearls are also advisable if you are into some sort of import-export business.

Pearl is highly effective if worn without mixing it with any other metal or any or stone. The essence of pearl to some extent loses when we mix it up with other stones and elements.

Mention of pearls in Vedas
Our Vedas talk a lot about the value of pearls. You can see deities adorned with pearls from top to bottom. Meaning that our history is full of the grandeur and opulence of this stone. Not just this, Our Vedas talk about the physical strength which a person receives if he or she regularly wears a pearl. To the extent that if the ash of pearl is used in a proportionate manner then it can help reduce many health problems. Specially those connected with stomach and liver.

You can also spot advertisement companies boasting of their beauty products having ash of pearls.

Spiritual significance of pearls
If you are on the road to spirituality, then pearl is definitely the stone for you! It will not only help maintain a balance between your mind, body and intellect but will also help you keep your mind cool under penance.

Pearls are highly effective in restoring a child’s health
Pearls due to its soothing impact can also help restore a child’s deteriorating health.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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