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The tradition of gifting flowers has been there since times immemorial. Flowers, due to their immense variety and exquisite beauty, carry with themselves deeper meanings outside of the routine rational and worldly experience. Flowers act as instruments in passing over essence of emotions which at times remain unexplained even with most powerful words.
Office is a place where communication and emotions turn to be not just very secretive but also very confusing and can be irritating. Using these spiritual powers of the flowers can help send subtle vibrations of patience, harmony and peace.
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Lovely Red, White and Pink Carnations invite souls to their core connecting a person to their higher self. It is when we are connected with our inner self that vices like guilt, jealousy, hatred, anger, etc crop us in our minds and take us away from the unique precious souls we all are.
Bird of Paradise
Birds of Paradise also known as Crane birds are native of South Africa. The flower resembles a brightly colored flower in the posture where it is about to fly. These flowers are a symbol of freedom, of success and of happiness. They are used extensively to attract wealth and success specially in the field of sales.

Chrysanthemum is a Greek work which means “chrys-” that means golden (which is actually its true color or the original colour) and “-anthemion,” that means flower. Post numerous years of artful cultivation today we have a whole range of lovely brightly colored Chrysanthemums. In many traditions Chrysanthemums are used to get rid of addictions and in many others it is a symbol of unity. It is also a symbol of cooperation and mutual respect.

Daisy is an evergreen flower and has a prostrate fashion of spreading. Daisy’s are said to bring long lost friends close to each other. Daisy leaves are said to heal the person and is very effective in clearing all negative energy from a person’s environment. What’s more! Daisy leaves are actually edible and are even used in salads at times.

This Spring flower comes in cream, dark purple, pink and apricot colour. Spiritual healing is all about deciding the right path. We want to get the correct and the exact answer. We lack the patience to wait and then handle the situation. Hyacinths are very effective flowers which help us to stay patient and handle the situation without trying too hard to jump on conclusions too quickly.

Lilies have always been associated with longevity and commitment. It is hard to find any wedding where Lilies are not used. More and more board meetings take place when Lilies are kept close. Lilies are believed to spread a sense of commitment in the environment.

As kids we all have grown up seeing deities sitting gracefully on a Pink or White Lotus. Most of the spiritual practitioners will always have either the original flower or the image of Lotus. Even the image of Lotus is powerful enough to attract divine energy from the universe.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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