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bandanwaarFinancial stagnancy, blocked funds, poor returns in your business can all be sorted out if some of the Vaastu tips are applied in your office or business area.

If you are in the process of shifting or purchasing a new piece of land for commercial purpose then select a Shermukhi plot for commercial purpose. Shermukhi plot as the name suggests are quite broad at the entrance of at the front side and are narrower as you go towards the end. Such plots attract vibrations of success and achievement.

North-east and north are the two most favourable directions when you plan the front of your office. Planning front of the office space in this direction ensures that you receive clients and customers who are financially and ethically sound and chances are that they will not block your money.

Huge trees like Ashoka, Banyan etc that can act like a hindrance must be avoided in the front of the office. The front of the office must not be hindered or blocked by trees or any other obstacle.

Reception of the office must be planned in the north-east direction. It is the front or face of the office. Most of the prospective clients will spend first few minutes sitting there. North-east also known as the Ishaan direction in vaastu shastra is one of the most sacred of all directions and attracts a lot of positive energy.

If by any chance the centre of the office has been turned as a store room then it must be replaced immediately. Centre of the plot must be kept clean and free of any heavy and useless items.
Make sure that the owners desk must not be placed in such a way that there is a blank space or any glass wall behind his desk. There must be a concrete wall behind the owner’s desk.

If you are facing severe financial crisis then check north-west of your office or commercial area. If there is energy trapped in the north-west then it results in blocked payments and poor financial planning and decision making.
Office table of the owner must not be a circle or oval in shape. It must either be a square of a rectangle in any case. Vaastu shastra always confirms with regular patterns and shapes for positivity in the house.

In order to get new orders for fresh stock arrival you can place an aquarium in north-east corner of your office. Bring in nine gold fish and along with that one black fish. They add to vibrations of happiness and good luck in the office.
As far as heavy generators, electrical machinery of the office is concerned, place them in south-east corner of the plot. If south-east is not possible then you can also pace them in west or north direction of the plot.

In no case should rubber plants be used for the beautification of the office. Vaastu shastra disapproves of milky plants like Rubber plants and Cactus. They are believed to attract bad luck in the office.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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