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Author: Dr Rupa Batra

With water level going down and mercury levels crossing 40 degree mark-there’s probable water shortage everywhere in the months to come. Proper Vaastu planning for water tanks can save you lot of money, time and your energy.

Having the water tankers at the right position according to vaastu is important as water is a very important element of vaastu and it has lot of implications on the prosperity, happiness and growth of the family members.

Ideal Vaastu position for an underground water tank
For an underground water tank, vaastu suggests that an ideal position is north-east. North-east is the direction which receives maximum pure energy of the environment when the sun rises. Water is used everywhere in the house-in the kitchen, in the washrooms and even in the garden. So it is a good idea to have an underground water tank in north-east.
Vaastu position for an overhead tank in the house
Over head water tanks means putting a lot of pressure on the building in any one area. If this is the case, then over head water tank must be constructed in south-west position of the house. South-west is ideal for placing heavy objects. It does not disrupt positive floe of energy in the house. An over head-water tank must be avoided in the north-east corner of the house as it is Ishaan kon or the Ishaan direction as this area is responsible for spreading positivity in the house and must not be disrupted by any heavy object.

If the overhead tank is placed North-West corner. The water tank must not be very big and its height should be less. Vaastu follows a very scientific rule for placement of water tank in north-west corner. The positive morning rays of sun enter the house from east and north directions, and so these walls must be lower as compared to walls of west and south. The walls of west and south directions are kept low so that building does not receive lot of hot evening and afternoon rays of sun.

Water tanks must not be made in Brahmasthan
Vaastu has given Brahmasthan maximum importance as this is the place where Brahma or the Creator resides. If any heavy constriction like stairs, water tanks, storage rooms etc is done in this area it can lead to negative vibrations all around the house.

Colour of the water tank is also important
These days transparent and light shades of water tanks are available in the market. And why not? People are willing to make any changes so that their house looks different. But the traditional black and dark blue shade of water tanks is best. The reason behind this rationale is that dark colors do not let the rays of sun enter the tank while the lighter shades are unable to stop sun’s rays from entering the water tank. When we allow sun’s rays to enter the water tank, algae growth can take place.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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