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Ways to Feng Shui Your Wallet and Purse


Do you find yourself constantly complaining about running short of money? Are you facing financial problems when you least expect it? There are numerous factors at play which impact a person’s financial condition but you can take steps to curb these issues. While your wallet alone may not fix all your money issues, you can at least ensure this is not one of the factors that are causing these problems. Financial stability is important, not just for the sake of having money with us, but to ensure we remain stress free too. Our mental wellbeing is affected when we face strain and debt related issues. A bright future and a healthy lifestyle are possible when we learn to take better care of our belongings and activate wealth energies. Learn how to take better care of your monetary aspects with help from Feng Shui. Here are some Feng Shui tips for your wallet and purse.


Respect your wallet/purse

Your wallet is a sacred space as it holds money that is responsible for stability in your life. Keep it clean at all times. Never casually chuck notes into it or throw things into your purse. Learn to keep it neat and devoid of clutter. Handle it with care and never keep it lying around on the floor. Never keep your wallet empty and always keep some cash in it.


Practice Cleanliness

Old receipts and clutter inside your wallet or purse can create negative energy and lead to debts. Always remember to clean your wallet on a daily basis. Doing this without fail will help you stay on stable ground and minimize financial issues. When you have more, you will be in a position to save as well as spend when required.


Stay Organized

Find a purse with enough compartments to hold everything you need together. When you are looking for something, you should be able to find it easily. Did you ever think about fitting small hooks into your purse for keeping your keys in place? We often find ourselves fishing for keys frantically and this is not a good sign. Everything should be easily accessible and well arranged.


Opt for Wealth Colours

Colours, as we all know, play a very important role in Feng Shui. And when it comes to wallets and purses, they again play a crucial role in determining your wealth condition. Go for personal wealth colours which can be determined based on your date of birth. Black as a colour is considered to be the best for wallets and purses, etc. The water element which signifies wealth and prosperity can be attracted with dark blue. White, greys and silver are good if you are looking for stability and permanence. Gold, associated with luxury will help attract many good things in your life. It brings riches and helps you lead a luxurious life. Red is a dynamic shade that allows the positive flow of wealth into your wallet. Green, which represents the wood element, will bring growth and positive development in your life. Yellow and brown will enhance your wealth building skills. Depending upon which colour you like best and your individual needs, choose a wallet that meets all your needs. It may not be expensive, but it’s important that you buy something comfortable and of good quality. Do not compromise on quality.

To get more insights into your financial problems and solutions that will work for you, consult me over the phone or email and find your way to a happy and stable life.

Dr.Rupa Batra

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Dr Rupa Batra

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