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canteenThe manner in which the kitchen of a house is the power house for the entire house, similarly the office canteen is a place which can elevate the spirits and motivation levels of the employees as this place provides nourishment and energy to the people.

A canteen with several or even one vaastu defects can lead to diminishing results which are generally not visible on a superficial level for the simple reason that people normally overlook the planning and interiors of a canteen. It is actually one of the most neglected portions in offices and factories. Normally people relate work atmosphere to just the employee’s cabin but the place where employees of all the departments come, sit, talk and eat together is the place which has a big contribution to how the employees perform in the second half of the day.

The office can teen should preferably in the north-east direction. This direction is associated with our brain and in order to create a balance between the food eaten, the energy created and energy transferred to the brain, it becomes important that the place where food should be eaten should be the right place.

The place should have lot of green leafy plants. Green is the colour of health and the function of food is also to promote and maintain the health of people. Green leafy plants will help energize the area by providing a good supply of oxygen and by keeping the air fresh.

The area should not have staircase right at the centre. As per vaastu, centre of a place is always connected with health and overall wellbeing. But having a staircase right at the centre will put undue pressure on the area and can affect health of the employees.

Points to be focused while designing office canteen are:

  • Location of the kitchen
  • Entrance to the kitchen
  • Flooring level of the kitchen
  • Dining area in the kitchen
  • Fire place in the kitchen
  • Waterbody in the kitchen
  • Store room for the food grain
  • Wash room location



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