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elementsThe five element theory

Feng shui works on the principle of five elements present around us which are wood, earth, metal, fire and water. Each of these elements are expressed in terms of colours to bring about results in certain areas. For instance if we need to do positive feng shui in a home or office which is deprived of sunlight, then harmony can be brought about with the usage of exact feng shui colours.

Similarly when it comes to your personal style statement, you would prefer Green, which may be your favourite colour. But here you will learn in the subsequent chapters, which colour to wear while going for an interview, which shapes of feng shui will help bring down your temper, which colour to put on if the air between you and your boos is a bit too heave these days and which colour best suits for a family function and so on.


Feng Shui elements represented in colours

  • FIRE: Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Pink
  • METAL: White, Gray
  • WOOD: Green, Brown
  • WATER: Blue, Black
  • EARTH: Light shades of Yellow, Light Brown

Besides colour, Feng shui elements can also be expressed in shapes

  • WOOD: Rectangular
  • EARTH: Square
  • METAL: Round
  • WATER: Wavy
  • FIRE: Triangular


Dr Rupa Batra

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