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feng shuiWe have heard of the term feng shui a number of times. We have also seen and used a number of feng shui articles like wind chimes, lucky coins, lucky turtle, laughing Budhdha and so on. But have we ever ried to understand that what exactly is feng shui. where did it originate from and what are the principles on which it works? Here in this post we would tell you all about the history and science behind the concept of feng shui.

To begin with, feng means (air) and shui means (water) in Chinese. Although today feng shui is a world renowned term, but this concept was developed some 3,000 years back in China. It is a combination of both science and art.

  • In this concept elements of nature like air and water are balanced corresponding to any given space In order to bring about harmony and good health and consequently-good luck as we say.


  • Numerous times we have read and heard of the word-Yin and Yang. What is the meaning of these two words? As per Chinese philosophy, there are two strong forces driving the entire universe which are Yin and Yang! Yin means the soft and subtle feminine energy whereas yang means the strong and sturdy masculine energy.
  • These two energies are although opposite in nature but they have strong magnetic attraction and are deeply interrelated.

    The Yin and Yang energies are expressed in colours in feng shui. Yin, which is the feminine energy is black and the Yang, masculine energy is white.

    Yin is silent, passive, and soft. The stillness of the sky, the gentle texture of petals, the subtle sunset all reflect Yin energy.

  • Whereas the hard rocks, the bright rays of the sun, the shrieking voice of waterfalls is all reflected in yang energy.

Depending on the kind of energy you require at the moment, these colour schemes can be used in feng shui to harmonize your surroundings.

Dr Rupa Batra

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