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elepahntThe elephant’s body is huge and sturdy but the most flexible and strong portion of its body is its trunk. An elephant uses its trunk to lift load, to drink water to bathe itself and raises it as a gesture of meeting people. So an image of elephant shows about flexibility in life, about strength in life and about being powerful yet lovable in life.

Feng Shui believes that symbol of an elephant with its trunk in different positions can be used for various reasons to enhance happiness, contentment, patience, strength and wisdom in life.

Let’s find out…

You may use images of elephants in homes in your bedrooms, offices, for greeting cards for gifting elephant statues to friends.

  • If you need to present a gift with an elephant symbol to someone you love or your partner then you can select the elephant with the inter wind trunks. This shows intimacy and bond.
  • Elephant with a trunk down should be used for couples who are planning for a child. An elephant usually has its trunk up, but the one with its trunk down, an elephant has to exert pressure. This is the reason why an elephant with a trunk down is best suited for infertility.


  • Elephant also demonstratives strength. It can be used for someone ailing. A picture of elephant playing with water is a good one for kid’s room. It shows not just strength but also happiness and the art of keeping one self neat and tidy. It will be a learning for kids to keep themselves clean. When animals can do so, then why can’t human beings?


  • You may also place the picture or statue or some painting of an elephant in your study room. Elephants are considered sacred in Buddhism and connected with wisdom and intelligence.


  • Elephant also represents protection. You may get elephant statues at the entrance of your farmhouse, bungalow or plot.


  • The picture of an elephant has been used in our mythology since ages. From times immemorial it is used to denote fortune, good luck and grandeur. An elephant with trunk up shows good luck fortune and wealth. You may place one such symbol in your office.



Dr Rupa Batra

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