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wu louFeng shui is a treasure house of lots of products, symbols and methods which benefit us in a number of ways. One of the most trusted feng shui object is a wu lu. This object is specifically used for improving health of the family members in the house.

This wu lu is also known as Hu Lu at various places and is a symbol of bottle gourd which is connected with longevity and good health. It is a symbol which is connected with heath and if placed with firm affirmation that the family members will benefit out of it, it will definitely show results. It is also known as calabash sometimes and is an important tool used in enhancing the effects of Feng Shui.

Going by Chinese folklore, monks of the Taoist belief used gourd, in order to trap evil spirits and to prevent them from causing any harm. Since the wu lou has been used to absor bad chi or bad energy from the surroundings.

The shape of wu lou plays a very vital role in its image which is connected with longevity. It symbolizes earth and heaven unified. The upper portion of the gourd symbolizes heaven, while the lower portion is earth. This kind of fusion is a symbol of harmony between earth, heaven and mankind.

This is considered best gift for someone who has recently delivered a baby. It is good both of the baby and as well as for the mother.

As regards the placement of wu lou then the centre of the house is associated with the health of people. So it is best to place it somewhere in the centre.

If a friend of yours is not keeping well, then you can gift her or him with this present as it can work wonders for that person.

After you have decided to place wo lou for betterment of health, then make it a point to see that it should not get layers of duct on top if it! As it would not be a good symbol.


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