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swimming poolThanks to Yash Raj films, having a swimming pool in the house has become a dream for everyone. Earlier swimming pools were restricted only to clubs but with the advent of Bollywood movies showing larger than life homes having amazing swimming pools, spas, gyms and god knows what not. People have started constructing swimming pools of all sizes in their houses.

Having a swimming pool is not just expensive, but it also involves proper maintenance and should be in accordance with vaastu.

  • North-east is the best suited for any kind of water bodies to be built in the house. North should be given the first priority and then the east of the house should be considered for constructing a swimming pool.
  • Something like a swimming pool is mostly pre designed. So it is best to get it designed in a regular square or rectangle shape. Even a circle shape will do. But irregular shapes are not advised.
  • The slope inside the swimming pool should start from West to East if the swimming pool is located at North side and South to North if the pool is located at the Eastern side.
  • A swimming pool has the capacity to store water in large quantities. If kept dirty and stagnant, the water can create negative vibrations for the people in the house. So cleaning of the pool should be done timely and efficiently.
  • Swimming pool right at the centre of the house/apartment is not auspicious as it indicates that the house and the family members are in the middle of lot of problems in life. It also brings negativity in the health of the residents of the flats.
  • Tall trees like those of Ashoka should not be hiding the pool from the sight. This creates a hindrance and can be fatal if a child slips by chance and if anyone is seeking for help.
  • Entry to the swimming pool should have a proper gate. This will ensure that your little ones do not enter the pool side without your permission and it will also be an indicator that your family is protected of any unforeseen problems in life.

The washroom along-side the pool should be preferably in the west direction.

Dr Rupa Batra

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