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If we go by the research, then an array of a serious health problem including heart disease and chronic infections can crop up if you proudly use your tooth brush for more three months! Yes not just science but even vaastu says that you should throw away your tooth brush after every three months as a rule.

You won’t even come to know and the seemingly innocent toothbrush contained approximately about ten million germs and fatal bacteria such as staphylococci and streptococcus.

  • According to researchers at Manchester University, it may be difficult to see the bacteria but the distorted and damaged bristles is in itself an indicator that such bristles are ready to welcome and breed all sorts of bacteria and infection.
  • Dispose away all the toothbrushes after three months.
  • Every object around us emits some sort of energy. A collection of such stale and broken toothbrushes will emit immense bad chi (energy) which will be fetal for your health.
  • Using the stale and distorted toothbrush can lead to disharmony between the relationship of a couple. Reason being that the couples share an intimate relationship and a foul breath due to old toothbrush can spoil your partner’s mood! So you wont even come to know why your partner draws away from you. Your old and crumbled tooth brush can be the reason.
  • Tooth brushes should be first washed with a good hand wash and then paste should be applied on top of it.
  • Preferably a brush with a cap should always be purchased.
  • The set of brushes should be kept in the sunlight for at least two hours daily in order to disinfect it.
  • This also includes your towels, which should be washed with a disinfectant twice every week.
  • Even your pillow covers should be washed very frequently and the pillows should be exposed to sun twice a week.
  • Personal hand towels should be purchased in different colours for all the family members so that everyone uses just his or her towel.
  • After applying hair oil, use your towel on top of your pillow cover to avoid any kind of oil stains and dandruff if any collects on the pillow cover.

A clean house is the one which has well maintained and disinfected kitchens and washrooms. These are the two most important breeding places for germs.toothbrush

Dr Rupa Batra

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