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Have you ever seen scented candles decorated in the passage of an insurance company or a high-end beauty saloon with pictures of Sarojini Naidu and Jawahar Lal Nehru hanging on the walls? NO, I am sure you haven’t! Reason being that these corporate guys while designing their offices strictly keep in mind the mood of the people/customers entering their building. Likewise harmonizing the positive energies of the staff members spending a major portion of the day at office is very vital for the organization and vice-versa.

The staff members should not feel stressed out while working and while leaving the office at the end of the day so that they can manage their professional and personal lives better.

A well-balanced working environment maximizes the potential for success. The physical space has to support the goals of the business, and increase effectiveness and level of creativity. Rushing through work and not respecting the environment can cause tension and hostility to the individual.

Check out these points and see for yourself why you felt drained at the end of the day even when you love your job and even when your boss is quite cooperative.

  • The managing director of the office should occupy the south-west quadrant and should face north while sitting at his desk. Wooden flooring provides growth and promotes business. It should be ensured that MD’s back should not face a window, it should be a solid wall/wooden panel.
  • Cabins should be designed in such a way that the sales staff faces either east or north and the customers face west or south. The sales staff should occupy the north-west quadrant.
    • The centre of the office should be clutter free, it is advisable to keep it empty.
    • The reception of the office should be in the north-west direction.
    • Main door is the entrance to new clients, new business and profitability. Main door should always be in positive direction to get maximum advantage of the vaastu energy.
    • As per Vastu, each colour symbolizes a different element ( fire, earth, water, Wind & Space). A choice of colours depends on the type of your business. For instance colour green or blue are very calming, phrama companies use lot of green on the cartons. This palette includes the colors which are very refreshing and rejuvenating. Because they have the power to help us adjust to new environments , skillful designers use lots of plants and other forms of green.
      • For meetings with clients, employees and in boardrooms, square or rectangular table should be placed. These shapes according to vastu are conducive to negotiating, sales, problem-solving and conducting result oriented & productive meetings.
      • The selection of paintings and artifacts should be judicial. Motivational pictures showing success, teamwork and winning attitude are recommended at working environment. Family pictures in an office can be very distracting, so not recommended in working area.office-interiors-3
East (Sun)
West (Saturn)
North (Mercury)
South (Mars)
North-East (Jupiter)
South-West (Rahu)
South-East (Venus)
North-West (Moon)
Color suggested
Shining white
all greens
Pink, coral red
Golden yellow
all greens
Silver white


Dr Rupa Batra

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